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​1,468 Days In Memory of Joe

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A Treasured Gift

Time never stops.

We follow it with clocks and calendars but it doesn’t slow down for anyone. Some days pass in the blink of an eye, and others seem like an eternity.

Time is an especially complex concept in the life of someone battling cancer. Minutes seem to fly by on the good days leaving you longing for more. And, on the bad days, time seems to stall as the pain and suffering drag on.

Joe battled his cancer for 4 years and 8 days. That is 1,468 days total. He fought everyday- even at his worst. There are no timeouts or breaks when it comes to cancer. Time continues to roll on regardless of remission or progression...

We know this because this is how the Restaino family lived for 1,468 days. Now, over 10 years later, we ask for your help to keep Joe’s story going. Because you and I have time, Joe didn't. His fight with pediatric cancer lasted four years and eight days. 1,468 days.

Can you make a small donation of $14.68 to honor Joe’s 1,468-day battle with cancer?

Your support of Joedance has helped make meaningful strides in the battle against pediatric cancer. We're asking you to recognize Joe's 1,468 days with a special donation.

Whether it's a penny a day, or more if you can afford it, please help us remember Joe's struggle while we continue to find a cure.